Cowshed moody massage, Sisters Beauty Lounge

02 July 2012

Ladies have you ever had just one of those days? When everything is just too much and all you want is just a little bit of peace, quiet and relaxation? has rambled around the city and stumbled upon British brand Cowshed. Cowshed has a humorous selection of therapies that will s-moo-the over the cracks, and restore you to your usual self.

Sisters Beauty Lounge has brought Cowshed exclusively to Dubai; this quirky brand has a rustic range of products that includes a signature mood collection, these are the aromatherapy oils used in the ‘moody’ massage. The moody massages are available as a full body massage as well as a back massage, which focuses specifically on problem areas. Choose from a range of six fragrances for your massage: ‘Lazy cow’ a soothing scent; ‘Wild cow’ an invigorating oil that will add a spring in your step; ‘Moody cow’ a balancing oil that unwinds and de-stresses, ‘Knackered cow’ a relaxing scent that soothes tired muscles and ‘Grumpy cow’ the uplifting scent that re-energises.

We tested out the Moody Cow massage at The Dubai Mall branch. As you walk in, the small reception that greets you does not prepare you for the salon that will unfold. As you walk back through the string a manicure and styling stations, you reach a sliding door. Behind the door is the serene hub of relaxation; a handful of treatment and beauty rooms tucked away, shielded from the bustle of the busy salon. This is where your Cowshed journey begins.

The Moody cow massage, is a balancing treatment, it both relaxes the muscles meanwhile actively re-energises. By choosing which pressure you prefer, you make sure that the balance is just how you like it. As you settle into the cosy treatment room, inhale the scented air and take your spot on the bed. Loosen your body and mind, and sink into the position, while the trained Cowshed therapist gets to work on your muscles, ironing out the creases.

Depending on your choice of massage the treatment will last between 30 minutes to an hour. While it may seem to be over in a flash, it is more than enough time for the skilled masseurs to relieve the unwanted tension. As the massage comes to an end, you are given time to collect your thoughts and begin to change.

The moody massages are quick and easy treatments; they are a great way to end a hectic work week, perfect for a post-gym treat and would make an original gift idea for a friend or relative.

However, Cowshed doesn’t come so cheaply, upgrade to any Cowshed treatment at The Dubai Mall branch and expect to pay 280Dhs for the 30-minute back massage and 410Dhs for the 60-minute full body massage. You are however paying for the quality of the product and service; Cowshed products contain no preservatives, no petrochemicals, no sulphates, no artificial colours or fragrances and are not tested on animals.

For bookings and more information contact Sisters Beauty Salon by calling: +971 4 339 8500 or email


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