Nancy Ajram talks to MallsinDubai

06 February 2012

Nancy Ajram is one of the most famous Arabic singers of her generation. Since bursting onto the scene in Lebanon at 15, the talented singer has partnered with some of the biggest names on the planet including UNICEF, Coca Cola and Damas jewellery.

Consistently voted as the Best Middle Eastern Artist at the World Music Awards – and the youngest Arab to do so – Nancy’s videos are the most viewed Arabic music videos on You Tube, and she is also a mother and finds time to do extensive charity work.

To kick off 2012 Nancy is supporting the new Farfasha range of jewellery from Damas. We caught up with the busy lady.

“I like Farfasha because it reflects my personality. It is full of life and youth. It reflects the young lady inside of me. That’s why I work with Damas for this collection – this is my second promotional campaign with them in fact. Jewellery is important for every lady. It highlights her femininity and gives her a special and unique touch!”

As an ambassador and role model, Nancy is an extremely positive one for women in the Middle East – she has a huge work ethic.

“I have a lot of successes that I am proud of but some of the greatest are my success in my career and all the great positions that I have reached with it, as well as my success in my social life and the family I have built with my husband and my kids. That’s a great achievement for me.”

Nancy had her first child Mila in 2009 and gave birth to another daughter, Ella, last year. She works hard to balance her home life with that of a working mum.

“I am very well organised in order to be able to give each role its right. Or else I wouldn’t be able to continue. I love my family and give them the time they need and more, however, I do not neglect my work and career and fans of course.”

And she’s not short of fans. She has almost three million on Facebook, who follow her every move. Her videos become overnight sensations on the internet. She puts this down to knowing what her fans want.

“I don’t think that there is a difficult or easy market to crack. I think that there are people who have the talent and know how to use it and get closer to the people. That’s the key to success.”

This success is visible by her long list of awards that include Arabian Business’ Most Famous Celebrity in the Middle East.

“I’ve won the WMAs (World Music Awards) twice. Maybe I can beat it by winning it for the third time who knows? I welcome and appreciate every award where the judge is the audience because it shows transparency and honesty as well as adding great value to my work.”

“I feel that I am achieving a lot and I am realising my dreams. And at the end, this reflects the position the people are giving me and this makes me feel really satisfied, for the people are deciding and choosing.”

Her success with her videos, which have helped her career no end, is also down to her involvement in choosing the right directors to work with.

“I have faith in my directors and I know that they will give me a great job. I love many videos and I cannot choose between them since I get involved in each one of them very deeply.”

And of course she has many projects coming up in 2012, including working with UNICEF in Lebanon.

“I will be launching a new album for kids soon and I am working on shooting a new video clip in addition to my concerts and the US tour of course. I am also working on several projects with UNICEF, such as raising awareness in the region and especially Lebanon about children’s rights, education and poverty eradication.”

The Farfasha jewellery collection which spans 160 pieces is available now in all Damas stores.

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